Ferrari 348 Zagato Elaborazione

Many cars have been modified over the years by Italian coachbuilder
Zagato, and in 1991 and 1992 several 348's aslo received this treatment.
Renamed "Zagato Elaborazione", the car retained the existing
running gear with no mechanical modifications, as Zagato are
a design house and not an engine tuning company.

The overall Pininfarina shape was enchanged to give a more
aggressive stance, with changes to the side strakes to provide
enlarged NACA style ducts for improved engine cooling.
The nosecone and front bumper were also modified.
Most of the changes happend to the rear of the car with the
controversial "strake" covered rear lights replaced with three
light arrangement. A stunning design incorporated into the
Elaboratzione was a fitment of a glass cover over the engine 
bay to reveal the V8 engine below, this design was not 
replicated by Ferrari until 2000 on the 360 Modena.

The trademark Zagato "double-boubble" roofline which most
famously appared on the 1960's Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato,
was featured on this model.
The idea is that a lower roofline can be achived whilst still 
providing enough headroom.
Other visual features were OZ Racing alloy wheels and 
external fuel filler caps, whilst on the inside a bespoke suede 
interior was fitted along with three inches high rear screen.

Zagato announced thet just 22 of these modified cars were to 
be produced, making it a very rare and exclusive version of the 348.

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