348 Sticky Throttle

The sticky throttle is a common problem on the Ferrari 348,
but to fix it is easy. This is a very easy procedure and will
probably take you less then an hour to fix.


The first thing you need to do is to remove the plastic
trim at the base of the throttle peadal, which are
held in by 4 smaller screws. (pic#1).

If you've never been under here, then you might get in for a minor shock
when you look into the pedal well, mine was FULL of old dirt and stuff.
So obviously a proper clean up was required here. (pics#2 - 3).

Now, undo the 2 nuts which are holding the pedal to the floor,
on on each side, remove the gold-coloured metal peice which disappears
up under the side panel, this is the throttle wire which leads to the rear 
of the car (in case you didn't know
then continue cleaning the pedal well. (pic#4).

Now as the pedal well is clean, remove the side panel which are held
by 4 screws, 1 in the back and 3 in the front. (pic#5).
At the top of the gold coloured metal peice you'll see a back steel "C" clip,
slide it off so you can seperate the metal peice and the wire. (pic#6).

Re-grease the ball joint, but dont put the wire back on yet. (pic#7).
There are no spesific type of grease for this procedure, I used some 
of the grease I had left over from my clutch replacement.

Fill the pedal holder with grease, the item in the middle of pic#8,9,10.
Put everything back together and mount the peadal to the floor, then 
put the wire back on and dont forget the "C" clip. (pic#11).

Put the side panel back on and refit the plastic trim, and you're
good to go. (pics#12 - 13).

Note, after you're done and have taken the car for a test run you'll
probably notice that the pedal wont go all the way back, but dont worry,
after a while as the new grease sets in properly the pedal will acting
normal again. This depends of course of how much grease you used.

TIP: Even if your pedal are running perfect, I do recommend you to
at least once a year to remove the plastic trim and clean the pedal well
this might prevent you from a future "Sticky Throttle", and it will 
take only 5 minutes of your life to do it.
It's amazing of just how much dirt which finds it's way back there.
Job done.
Now you have a "new" throttle.

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Last Updated, June 15.08.

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