Ferrari 348 Serie Speciale

In late 1992, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Ferrari introduced 
a 348 model that was strikingly different to the other models in 
the range, the Ferari 348 Serie Speciale. This car was to be a 
limited run of only 100 units, all of which were destined for the 
North American marked. 12 of the 100 cars were built in 1992, 
and the remaining 88 rolling off the production line in 1993.

The 348 Serie Speciale had a few major diffrences to the other 
348 standard models. For increased comfort new improved leather 
sports seats had been added to the options list, allthough some 
customers still opted for the standard 348 leather seats.

The Serie Speciale was the first and only 348 model to wear 
the prancing horse on the front grill, but not on the rear. 
There was however, a very special reason for this as the rear 
lights were not adorned with the standard 348 tail light grill, 
Ferrari having opted to give the Serie Speciale a neked look 
at the rear. On the exterior the Serie Speciale was equipped 
with brand new front spoiler which gave the model much better 
aerodynamics compared to its 348 siblings.
To complete the exterior changes fully color coded skirts 
were added to improve the lines of the car.

In the engine bay the Serie Speciale had been given a brand 
new so called free-flow exhaust system, which added a few 
more extra horse power. Additionally, revised gearbox ratios 
gave the car a slightly higher top speed.

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