348 Door Trim Removal

My passenger door wire snapped off, so I had to replace it with a 
new wire brought to me by www.ScuderiaSalesAndSpares.co.uk
The new wire was about 10-12£.

And this is how I replaced the wire;
The first thing I did was to remove the two strips from the outter 
part of the door.(pics# 1 - 2).
The door on the 348 has 4 different "sections/panels" - 
and I started by gently pulling off the lower section - the fabric.
This section was held in place by 3 clips and no screws (pic#3)

PS: The clips might break, so I recommend that you have some spare clips.
(Pic# 3a)

Step 2.
The next section was held in place by 4 clips and 1 screw.
(pics# 4 - 5)

Step 3.
The door handle section was held by 3 main screws and 2 from 
underneath the door handle.
Firstly unscrew the door handle and the small screw which holds the opener
(pics# 6 - 7 - .

Stick your finger under the panel and simply push out the window-lift 
button, and disconnect it from its socket (pic#9)

Step 4.

Unscrew the 3 main (big) screws on this section, note that there are 
also 2 screws up under the door handle (pics#10 - 11 - 12).
So in total here, you need to unscrew 5 screws and no clips.

Step 5.

The top section is not connected at all (pics#13 - 14).
Just pull it gently off, remembering to remove the door knob first.


Remove the 2 aluminium strips and the window strip- not a MUST, 
but its easier to work when its removed.
Undo the 6 small screws and the window strip can be removed.
(Pics#15 - 16).

Step 7

Now, the tough part...
Unscrew ALL the big screws from the inner door panel (10mm)
(pics#17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22).


Step 8.

The inner panel is now loose, so gently lay it down on something flat, 
make sure it dosent hang loose under it's own weight or it 
may strain the wiring (pics#23 - 24)
From this position you'll be able to work with the wire, so you dont
need to remove the entire door panel from the door.
Replacing the wire is not a big deal, just unscrew the lock house
from the door (3 screws) and you'll have full access to the tiny parts
which holds the wire in the lock house.
I dont have any pics of this procedure, but you'll figure it out.

Found my problem (pic#26)

When you're done with the wire replacement, then reverse 
this procedure and you'll be home free.

Remember those 2 screws circled in green?
When you're putting this back together, you might struggle matching 
the holes with the screws. Those 2 green circled screws are actually 
held by the window-lifter - so you might need to lift the window with 
your hand in order to fit the screws.

Also remember to have extras clips handy, in order to replace any 
old ones which may have become damaged.

Text and pics are copyright to Webmaster.

Last Updated, June 15.08.

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