348 Engine Removal
The procedure that I have outlined was carried out using a 2 post lift.
It can be done with the use of axle stands, trolley jacks and a trolley.It is probably best to keep the front wheels on the car if you use the trolley jack method so any work that requires the front wheels to be removed is better done first.Also the rear bumper will need to be removed.

1. Evacuate the A/C system.
2. Remove engine cover.
3. Lift car and remove all 4 wheels.
4. Remove rear wheel arch liners.
5. Remove undertrays x 3.
6. I found it easier to pump all the brake fluid from the system as I was going to change it anyway. Make sure that the ignition key is turned to activate the ABS pump while you are doing this.
7. Disconnect the brake pipe at the union on the N/S just behind where the cradle bolts to the body (pic#1).

8. Disconnect battery.
9. Drain Oil.
10. Drain coolant via drain screws at the bottom RHS of each radiator (pic#2).
11. Again I found it easier to pump all the fluid from the clutch system then disconnect the clutch pipe at the union just in front of the N/S shocker tower (pic#3).

12. Disconnect the ECU plugs which are located behind the seats (pics#4-5).

13. Remove air box.
14. Remove top 2 exhaust heat shields.
15. Remove bolts that hold exhaust box onto onto mtg brkt (pic#6).

16. Disconnect gear linkage cables from gearbox (pic#7).
17 .Disconnect oil pipe from bottom of dry sump tank (pic#8).
18. Disconnect oil pipe from bottom of oil cooler (pic#9).

19. Disconnect the 2 breather pipes from the joint under the airbox.
20. Remove 2 x power cables from the main power point box (pic#10). 
21. Remove the large 'P' clip from the O/S shocker tower that holds the breathers and power cables.
22. Remove the earth strap from the N/S rear part of the chassis (pic#11).

23. Disconnect the throttle cable, 2 x nutsat the rear of the plenum, then remove the clip that holds the cable in place at the front of the plenum (pics#12-13).

24. Remove header tank overflow pipe (pic#14).
25. Remove hose from rear of header tank.
26. Undo the jubilee clips of the 2 large hoses at the front of the engine in the middle, also undo the jubilee clip on the heater hose that goes to the water pump.You don't need to try and remove these hoses, when the car is lifted the hoses will automactically disengage (pic#15).
27. Disconnect 2 x hoses going from the charcoal cannister to the plenum (pic#16).

28. Inside LH wheelarch disconnect the following:
    ABS plug (pic#17).                          
    Speedo/tacho connector (pic#17)                           
    2 x connectors next to charcoal/evaporation cannister
    (note top one is blue, bottom is black) (pic#18).                           
    Fuel feed pipe from top of filter (pic#18).
29. Inside RH wheelarch disconnect the following:                               
    ABS plug (pic#19).                          
    Fuel feed pipe from top of filter (pic#20).                          
    A/C pipes (pic#21)                           
    Handbrake cable (pic#22).

30. Remove the fuel return pipes from the regulators, one on each side (pic#23).

31. Now double and triple check that you have disconnected everything and I have not missed anything of this list.
32. I now loosened the 12 bolts that hold the frame to the body(note only loosened not removed).
33. Lower the car so that the engine/cradle is 
sat on your chosen trolley.
34. Remove the 12 bolts completely now (pic#24).
35. Remove the 4 bolts that hold the cradle at the rear (pic#25).
36. Remove the nuts on top of the shocker towers (pic#26).
37. Double and triple check everything again!!!
38. Now raise the car and feed the ECU cables and plugs through the holes in the bulkhead, 
all the time keep checking that nothing is still connected.

39. Once the car is clear of the engine you can wheel the whole assy out.I marked the floor where the wheels of the trolley where positioned to aid the refitting process. (pic#27).

Happy Wrenching!

Last Updated, June 15.08.

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