348 Clutch Replacement Part 6 Re-assembly of the Clutch
Now you're ready to put everything back together.
1. First step is to put the flywheel assembly back into the bell housing and tighten the huge flywheel nut, this will need to be very tight. Please ensure that this is tightened to the manufacturers recommended torque setting.
Now reverse the procedure described in Part 3,
2. Put down the first clutch disc (pic#1)
3. Put down the spacer ring (pic#2)
4. Put down the intermediate plate (pic#2)
5. Put down the second clutch disc (pic#3)
6. Put down the pressure plate (pic#4)
Make sure you fit the plates with the marked areas.(pic#5)
7. Put down the pressure plate cover ("finger plate") (pic#6)
8. Finally, put down the flywheel ring (pic#7)

Tip: Its HIGHLY recommended that you use an aligiment tool to fit the clutch discs before you tightend the 6 bolts in the flywheel ring and before you put it back on the clutch shaft, otherwise you'll spend hours being unable to fit the bell housing onto the clutch shaft. This is VERY important if you have a DUAL DISC clutch. The spare room between the grooves in the clutch shaft and the discs are maybe less than 0,1mm.

This tool can be found here, click on "TOOLS"

Now, fit the bell housing back on to the rest of the gearbox (pic#8)

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