Ferrari 348 Spider

In February of 1993 the Ferrari 348 Spider was launched at 
Rodeo Drive in los Angeles.  This was the first two-seater 
convertible since the Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona, the 
production run of which had  finished back in 1973.
From the very beginning the Ferrari 348 Spider 
turned out to be a huge success and was well 
accepted by Ferrari enthusiasts all over the world. 
Ferrari's design team, Pininfarina, had arguably created the
most beautiful convertible of the '90's. The top was manually 
lowered which involved releasing a catch in the middle of the 
header, moving the top only half way back, then lowering a 
handbrake-like lever situated next to the driver's seat. 
However, the original 95 litre fuel tank had to be replaced with 
a smaller 88 litre version in order to create more space for
the roof mechanism.

The introduction of the Spider model signified the highest
standard yet for theFerrari 348 serie. The engine had been 
uprated to 320 bhp for Euro cars (US cars had less, due to 
regulations in the US) an improvment over the 300 bhp produced 
by earlier TB and TS versions. The Spider also boasted a new 
exhaust system, revised valve springs, timing belt and finaldrive 
ratios plus Bosch's improved Motronic 2.7 engine management, 
as used on early versions of the 348. Aesthetically the 348 
Spider has also been given a face lift, the side skirts now 
being color coded. By the time the 348 Spider ceased 
production, in April 1995, a total of 1146 models had 
rolled out from the factory in Maranello.


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