Ferrari 348 Challenge

Ferrari 348 Challenge Race Cars

The Ferrari 348 Challenge series was begun in 1993 in Europe and
brought to North America in 1994. This was a single marquee
gentleman's race series for amateur owner/driver's.
The original series used converted street cars.
In North America the original cars were converted 
348 Serie Speciale model's, but any 348 1989 and up that was 
brought up to 348 SS spec could be used.
In Europe any TB/TS and GTB/GTS could be converted, but
no Spiders were allowed.

An additional challenge kit was installed requiring 110 man hours.
The kit included a full roll cage, OMP racing seats, 2" four point
harness (replaced with 3" six points harness in '95), fire 
extinguisher (some installed plumbed in system instead),
battery disconnect, and plexiglass for the front fog lights.
(later the signals assembly was removed in place of 
brake duchs) New under trays were fitted front and rear with 
brake cooling ducts. The original series used stock 17" rims 
mounted with slicks. These were upgraded to 18" Speedline
magnesium challenge rims in 1995.

Additional modifications were allowed including upgraded 
ECU with 7800 rpm redline (stock 76 rpm) advancement of timing 
to preexisting holes in drive pulleys, improved fuel pumps,
and lower 1st and 2nd gears.
Thermostat was removed to allow better cooling.
The engine was not allowed to be modified and had to run 
with stock cats. Racing brake pads and "Aeroquip" type brake
hose were also supplied by Ferrari.

The ABS was allowed to be disabled, but not removed.
In addition to the air conditioner compressor belt could be removed,
but not the compressor. Stiffer springs and differentdampers were 
also supplied by Ferrari.
Camber was allowed to be changed within specific limits.
The car was allowed to lowered but no part of the body
could touch the ground if both side tires went flat.

Minimum weight was 1360 kg (3050 Lbs.) minus driver
and fuel in the condition it crossed the finish line or after practice.

Ferrari 348 "Factory Challenge"

Ferrari made a limited edition road car for the North American 
marked in 1994. This was a road car referred to the 348 factory Challenge.
The painted lower panels were carried over from the Serie Speciale.
The wider offset wheels were not. Only 45 factory Challenge cars were made,
32 TB's and 13 TS' with serial number from 97869 to 98906.
These cars came in street trim. The cars came with numbered plates 
on the right front door frame: Serie Challenge 348 TB #xx of 32 
or Serie Challenge 348 TS #xx of 13.

The factory challenge cars came with upgraded challenge ECU's, less 
restricted challenge exhaust similar to the single car exhaust
and a larger heat shield.
(although, there was a race version which had straight pipes)
The drop down main gear with shorter 2nd and taller 5th gear was also used. 
They also came with eye hooks for the clip in the harness, mounting
points prewelded for the roll cage, aluminium pedals, under tray 
brake ducts, and rubber front and rear tow hooks.
Solid suspension bushing and stiffer springs, lighter front and rear
fiber glass bumpers were also used. Special leather wrapped 
steering wheel with 348 embossed was installed. (the challenge
kit included an alcantera wrapped steering wheel.
They were supplied with the challenge kit (a $14.000 delete option)
This factory pre-prep only required 60 man hours to convert to race trim. 

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