348 Clutch Replacement Part 3 Removing the Clutch Discs

1. Start by undoing the 6 nuts attached to the flywheel ring gear, these 6 nuts holds the entire clutch assembly together. 
2. Remove the flywheel ring then clean it and check for any signs of wear or damage (#3 in the fig.)
3. Now lift out the pressure plate cover, 
or "finger plate" (#10 in the fig.)
4. Remove the pressure plate (#8 in fig.)
5. Remove the first of the two clutch plates, (keep in mind that this is a DUAL DISC operation) (#6 in the fig.)
6. Remove the intermediate plate (#5 in the fig.)
7. Remove the spacer ring (#4 in the fig.)
8. Finally remove the second clutch disc (#7 in the fig.)

This will leave you with only the flywheel left in the bell housing, 
thats for part 4.

As you might see from the pics below, my clutch discs were crap and it was dirty in there, so take your time with some water and a cloth to clean up the mess. 

Now, move on the chapter 4 from the Main Menu.

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