348 Window Accelerator

Do you have a Ferrari and the electric windows are terribly slow? Try my cheaper/better window helpers/accelerators. If you have a 70's - 90's Ferrari that has terribly slow windows like I had on my 1990 348 TS - this kit will make the windows move up and down at a normal speed. Easy to install. $99.99 per pair (One pair does one car) plus $8 shipping. Includes installation instructions. Never suffer from slow windows again! You will be amazed at how fast your windows move with these installed. They certainly will not be lightning fast but will generally move at a very reasonable speed.
Never again be embarrassed again about your slow moving windows on your Ferrari!! On my 348 when I bought it in early 2007 the windows hardly moved up. They moved down only slightly better. To get them up you had to open the door, push the switch and pull up on the window. Even then it was a struggle to get them to go fully up. Once I installed this accelerator device the speed of the windows increased dramatically. Although they are not lightning fast they move at a very reasonable speed. They do not fit all Ferrari's Please do the test listed below to insure they fit your Ferrari before ordering these kits.

Typically the single biggest reason Ferrari windows from these years do not work well is because the existing electric window wiring harness does not provide a good ground to the electric window motors. The way the Ferrari electric window system works is when you push the button to go up one wire is positive 12 volts and the other wire is the ground. When you push the button to go down the polarity in these two wires is reversed. The opposite wire becomes the positive 12 vol ts and the other wire becomes the ground. Although there can be voltage losses in the wiring harness, switch and any connections along the way - providing a better ground will significantly improve the speed at which the windows will move. This box provides an improved ground making the window motors work much better as they will now receive more voltage and amperage. There is no added burden on the stock wiring harness. There are no detrimental effec ts to the stock wiring system or switches. This box senses which wire is hot and automatically makes the other wire become the ground and it direc ts that wire directly to the door frame.
These are not always a cure-all for slow windows. You may have other problems like old dried up grease in the window lift assembly or marginal connections in the rest of the electric wiring system. This kit will not correct those types of problems. In most if not all cases the speed of the windows will increase dramatically.

Waterproof construction. The boxes are 100% sealed. They are sealed internally where the wires exit the box and the cover is glued on and sealed so no moisture may enter the box. 
The grounding lug is soldered on to the black ground wire providing a durable/failure free connection. Easy to install. Works very well. Everything you need is included. Nothing else to buy. Installation instructions included. You will need to have an electrical crimping pliers for electrical terminals (to crimp the butt splices) and a heat gun. Borrow one or both if need be to do this installation. To connect the wires to the factory wires I include butt splices and pieces of heat shrink tube that has an adhesive/sealant inside providing a waterproof connection. I also include some tie wraps and two packs of silicone adhesive. I used the silicone adhesive to secure the box to the inner part of the door. The box has two holes that may be used but for me the silicone worked very well. The surface inside the doors is generally slightly rough and not well suited for a double sided tape.

Start by removing the lower door panel and if needed remove the speaker. The following pics are from a ’90 348TS. Many Ferrari’s of this era have door panel that are made from several pieces. You will only need to remove as many of these panels as needed to get access to the window harness wires. On this 348TS we just had to pull out the bottom panel in order to get access to the speaker. Locate the cables that go to the electric window, on this 348 the cables are YELLOW and BLUE. These cables may be in a protective sheathing so you may have to cut the sheathing some to expose the cables.

Once you’ve located the cables that go the electric window motors, you can begin 
installation by cutting the cables one by one.
Slide a piece of the supplied adhesive lined shrink tubing over each of the window cables and push them back so you have room to add the butt splices. Using the butt splices provided you will be reconnecting the cables you cut by adding one gray cable to each from the box. It does not matter which gray cable you add to each window motor cable, the box will automatically determine the correct polarity.

Once the butt splices have been crimped, slide the adhesive lined shrink tubing over the butt splices and center it over the butt splices. Use a heat gun and heat the shrink tube making a moisture resistant connection. Locate a suitable ground, on this 348TS there were a few hex bolts near by. I used this for ground, if there are no bolts near by you’ll need to determine the best location for ground, drill a hole if you have to. Make sure you scrape the paint enough to get a good ground. Locate a good place to mount the box, move the window to its lowest position so you can see how much clearance you’ve got. On this 348TS there was plenty of room just behind the speaker and with some silicone (which is incl.in the kit) we mounted the box to the bottom of the door. There are 2 holes in the flanges that stick out of each side of the box, you may drill and screw the box if that works in your installation. Time to test the window movement full up and down, I’m sure you’ll see a significant improvement. Make sure there 
are no interference problems with the box and cables. Reinstall the speaker and put the lower door panel(s) back on.

Good Luck.

For ordering Window Acceleration Unit please visit http://fastferrariwindows.com for further information. (PS: no www)

Pics and Text are copyright FastFerrariWindowns.com

Last Updated, June 15.08.

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"348 Window Accelerator"
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